Why Climb Mount Everest?

Many people have always wondered why climbers from all over the world pay large sums of money, leave their family and loved ones for many months to go and risk their lives in an attempt to stand on the summit of the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest.

There are many mountains on earth that are worth climbing, some are even a lot more challenging and less dangerous. There are even some that are more beautiful to look at but Mount Everest always seems to draw the climber to her high slopes in the thin air of the mighty Himalayas like a duck to water.

Mount Everest is the ultimate challenge for any climber, it is a test of strength and endurance, body and mind, but to reach its summit is the pinnacle of anyone’s climbing career.

To be successful on Mount Everest you have to give it your full hundred and ten percent and more.

So why do we risk all to reach the highest summit in the world?

Some would say that it is no more of a risk than doing any other dangerous sports, one example could be Formula 1 car racing. There is even a risk from crossing a busy road. Today you do not climb Mount Everest for the fame that is unless you climb it by a new route, be the first at doing some kind of stunt or maybe becoming the youngest or oldest climber.

We climb Mount Everest for many reasons, these might include one or more of the following I have listed below:

Because it has been a life long dream
Maybe to see how far you can push your body and mind beyond its comfort zone
For the challenge
Perhaps you are a born risk taker and enjoy beating the odds
For the experience
Being obsessed with the mountain
You enjoy mountaineering
For the adventure
To prove to yourself that anything is possible if you try
It is my job, I am a mountain guide/leader
Climbing for charity

Maybe you have your own personal reason that I have not mentioned, or maybe it is as simple as why George Mallory wanted to climb, ‘Because it is there’.

Whatever your reason in wanting to stand on top of the world you must remember that to climb Mount Everest is no walk in the park. To make the decision to want to climb the mountain to that of actually being on Mount Everest can take you many many months or even years. Then there is the hardship of training, buying all the appropriate clothing and gear that is needed, trying to raise the vast amount of money needed to get yourself on a expedition permit, all of these things and much more are no easy task to fulfil, which brings us back to the original question, why climb Mount Everest?

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