What Gear do I need to climb Mount Everest?

If you are thinking about climbing Mount Everest then you will probably already be aware that there is a lot of equipment that you are going to have to buy or rent. What many people do not realize is that this is not only going to cost you a lot of money, but also that many people are totally unaware of the sheer volume of things that they need before they start their expedition.

Climbing Mount Everest is not a walk in the park. You need to buy equipment that the best money can buy as your life could depend on it. Talk to someone who has high altitude experience and ask them to recommend the names of equipment that he or she uses.

Altitude Junkies have a list of equipment that they recommend you should have if you intend to climb Mount Everest.

Climbing Equipment

Ice Axe with leash.
Alpine climbing harness.
Locking Carabiners (2)
Regular Carabiners (4)
Ascender. One right or one left
Rappel/Belay device (2)
Climbing Helmet
Prussiks or Slings.
Adjustable Trekking poles

Ice Axe
Ice Axe © http://blackdiamondequipment.com


Light hiking boots or trekking shoes for trek to Base Camp
Tennis shoes or low top shoes
High Altitude Climbing Boots.
Trekking Socks (3)
Wool or Synthetic Socks (4)
Liner Socks (4)

Technical Clothing

Lightweight Long Underwear (2-3) Tops and bottoms.
Heavyweight Long Underwear. Top and bottom.
Lightweight Nylon Pants (1 -2)
Short Sleeve Synthetic Shirt (1-2)
Synthetic/Soft Shell Jacket with full-zip
Synthetic/Soft Shell Pants with full-zip
Insulated Synthetic Jacket
Insulated Synthetic Pants with side zippers
Expedition Down Parka
Expedition Down Suit
Hard Shell Jacket with hood
Hard Shell Pants with zippers

Expedition Down Suit
Expedition Down Suit © http://rab.equipment/uk


Lightweight Synthetic gloves (2)
Heavyweight Synthetic or Soft Shell gloves (2)
Expedition Shell Mitts


Headlamp and spare bulbs & batteries
Glacier glasses
Baseball cap or sun hat (2)
Ski Goggles (2)
Balaclava (2) One heavyweight and one lightweight
Warm synthetic or wool hat (2)
Bandanas or headscarf (2)
Neoprene face mask

Personal Equipment

Expedition Backpack. 4,000 – 5,000 cubic inch
Trekking Backpack 2,000 – 2,500 cubic inch
Sleeping Bag -40F.
Sleeping Bag -20F.
Closed-Cell foam pad (2) Full length
Plastic Cup. Plastic insulated mug with lid
Spoon. Lexan tough plastic
Sunscreen (2) SPF 40 or higher
Lipscreen (2) SPF 20 or higher
Water Bottle (2) 1 Liter wide mouth bottles
Water Bottle Parka (2) For the above bottles
Pee Bottle (2) 1 Liter wide mouth bottles
Pee Funnel (for women)
Thermos 1 Liter capacity stainless steel vacuum bottle
Trash Compactor bags (4)
Compression Stuff Sacks (2) For sleeping bags and clothing
Duffel Bag (2) Large size with locks
Small personal first-aid kit and personal medications

Expedition Sleeping Bag
Expedition Sleeping Bag © http://rab.equipment/uk

There are probably other items you could add to the above list but the most important items are there. You might already have a fair amount of the equipment needed to climb Mount Everest if you have already climbed other high altitude mountains.

Do not forget, the above equipment list is on top of the cost of flights, visa, climbing permit, food, porter tips/hire etc, making climbing Mount Everest a very expensive adventure!

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