What do Climbers eat on Mount Everest?

A climber on Mount Everest can burn anything between 6,000 and 10,000 calories in a single day, on summit day this will increase to around 20,000 calories.

You might think, fair enough I just need to eat more to replace what I have burnt off, but that is not as easy as you think, why? The higher you climb the more your appetite decreases. Once in the Death Zone you will never replace the amount of calories that you are burning off which means your body will deteriorate more quickly.

It is very important to eat varied and nourishing food whenever possible to give you the energy needed for the task ahead.

Food at Base Camp

You might be surprised to hear that there is no McDonalds or Pizza Hut at Mount Everest Base Camp to help you build up your calorie count, so what can you expect eat there then?

At Base Camp everything is freshly prepared as can be by a cook who is there to make sure you get good wholesome food and plenty of it. While at this camp you are advised to eat and drink as much as possible because you will need to pile on the calories for the long hard days ahead.

Main Food would include:

Local Fresh Vegetables
Spaghetti Bolognaise
Potato dishes
Eggs on Toast
Rice Pudding
Dal bhat (steamed rice and lentil soup)

Dal Bhat (C) Maps of the WorldPorridge (C) Porridge Lady







Dal Bhat (C) Maps of the World                                 Porridge (C) Porridge Lady


Cadbury Fudge Bars
Fizzy Cola Bottles
Tunnocks Bars
Liquorice Wands
Chilli and other types of Peanuts
Pork Scratching
Mocha Sachets

Camp 1

There is no cook at Camp 1 so climbers have to do there own cooking here. This mainly consists of ‘boil in the bag’ meals. These are simple and quick to prepare and easy to digest in the high altitude.

Main Food:

Boil in the Bag Meals


Tubes of Pringles
Cheese Spread
Soreen Malt Loaf
Golden Syrup Cake
Jelly Babies
Muesli Bars
Liquorice Allsorts


Pringles (C) PringlesGolden Syrup Cake (C) Lucys Friendly Foods










Pringles © Pringles                                  Golden Syrup Cake (C) Lucys Friendly Foods

Camp 2

You can expect a better meal at Camp 2 as there is usually a cook based there.

Main Food and Snacks:

The food here would be very much like that of Base Camp.

Camp 3

Climbers are back to doing there own cooking at Camp 3 as there is no cook here.

Main Food and Snacks:

The food here would be very much like that of Camp 1.

Camp 4

Again, there is no cook at this high camp so climbers have to cook for themselves.

Main Food and Snacks:

The food here would be very much like that of Camp 1.

Camp 4 is over 26,000ft high so the climber’s appetite decreases a lot here. Cooking at this height is very tiresome and can take what seems to be forever just to heat water. If anything is consumed here it will probably be just a few handfuls of snacks.

As you can see there is a good mixture of food to hopefully please everyone on the expedition. The cook, when available will try his best to come up with something different every day so you don’t get board of eating the same old thing. Good nourishing food will go a long way in keeping you fit and healthy while trying to live your dream in climbing Mount Everest.

If your dream is to one day climb Mount Everest and you want to be well looked after with good tasty food as listed above then you need to speak to 4 x British Mount Everest summiteer (as of 2014) Tim Mosedale at www.facebook.com/tim.mosedale and www.everestexpedition.co.uk

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