Training to Climb Mount Everest

Potential Mount Everest climbers get themselves trained in many different ways. Running, weight lifting, biking, climbing and swimming are very good techniques to enhance physical condition. Stamina, strength and endurance are also very important to do this adventurous feat.

Before you attempt to climb to the top of the world, you should undergo a thorough physical check up to make sure you are fit and healthy to attempt such a climb on this scale. Your arteries and veins need to be in top working order to be able to cope with the extra stress of pumping a sufficient amount of blood that is needed to your muscles and brain which will help keep your body warm in the extremely cold temperature. To be sure you are fit and ready for your big climb you should start training at least 1 year earlier.

You must engage in cardio workouts such as swimming, stair climbing, cycling, running and anaerobic workouts such as weight training, sprinting, and playing tennis as well as strength training and body weight workouts such as rowing, pull-ups, push-ups, crutches, sit-ups etc. You should gradually increase the time span of aerobic workouts throughout the year of training. At the beginning it is recommended to start off with doing just thirty minutes of aerobic workouts daily and as you become fitter and stronger you can increase this to an hour.

You should also practice climbing small hills and steep mountains with a rucksack on your back filled with bottles of water for extra weight. You can practice climbing for 2 or 3 hours daily by carrying a load of 55-60 pounds. The water weight could be removed during the descent to reduce the stress on your knees. You can practice any type of aerobic workouts on hilly terrains. Ed Viesturs, a famous mountaineer from USA suggests that you should do at least 1 hour running on hills daily for 4 days and then taking a rest day. You would be advised to do a preparatory climb on some other high altitude mountains such as Mount Blanc or Mount Kilimanjaro to get use to being at altitude.

It is a good idea for you to gain more weight too, your physical condition on Mount Everest will deteriorate very quickly especially the higher you climb. This can lead up to twenty percent of weight loss to your body.

Although climbing on Mount Everest does not need you to have any specific technical skills you should have some basic knowledge in climbing techniques before you attempt to climb it. Due to the unpredictable nature and extreme climatic conditions on Mount Everest, even experienced climbers can get into danger. You will find nearly all companies that run expeditions to Mount Everest will require you to have had some training on snow and ice.

During your climb you will undergo many hours and days doing nothing except acclimatizing or waiting for better weather. You must be able to have the stamina and mental endurance to sit in a small tent, sometimes for days doing very little. One of the biggest factors you must face is to get acquainted with the feeling of lack of oxygen.

If you train hard and set your mind to your goal then you will be in the best state of mind and fitness to make your dream of standing on the top of the world come true.

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