10 Tips to Get Fit to Climb Everest

Conquering the world’s highest mountain has an allure that is unparalleled. But we must not forget that in order to conquer something we must prepare for it.

Climbing Mount Everest

There is no doubt that climbing Mount Everest would be an exhilarating journey. However, it could turn into a fatal one if you are underprepared or find yourself out of the depth.

Mount Everest will test your both mental and physical strength, and to pass this test with flying colors you need to prepare for it beforehand.

This article is for those climbers who are courageous enough to embrace the challenge of climbing the highest mountain in the world but do not know enough to begin their expedition. In this article, I will answer all your queries and tell you how to become fit and prepared for this arduous but thrilling journey.

Below are the 11 most effective tips for your groundwork that will help you to climb Mount Everest successfully.

1. Do Research

To tackle all the challenges of Mount Everest, you must research and read a lot. Reading books about mountaineers who have achieved victory over the mountain (despite being a tedious read) will give you encouragement and also provide you with valuable information about the mountain. It is extremely important that before embarking on the expedition, you learn how to use the equipment properly, about the problems you will face there, and other vital information such as signs of frostbite and cure of thrombosis. All this knowledge will prove invaluable in your bid to conquer Mount Everest.

2. Sign Up For A Training Course

If you are a beginner and have never climbed anything in your life other than your building’s stairs, then it would be better for you to sign up for a training course in mountain climbing. There are many mountain clubs where you will be able to learn skill that would prove useful to you while trekking.

3. Walk

Walking or Treking

Yes, it seems easy. But you’d be surprised to know how many people don’t even bother with this simple exercise before embarking on a strenuous journey such as climbing. Practicing long walks is extremely important as it helps you to build the stamina and prepares you for the long walks that you will have to go through during trekking. Therefore, you should be able to walk for 5-6 hours easily without any break before setting out for the mountain.

4. Weight Training

You need to set up a weight training for yourself as it would help you to develop your upper body strength. These exercises will come in handy since you have to carry a 13-15 kg backpack while climbing and also remove ice and setup tents.

5. Cycling


Including a leg based cardio in your preparation is a must. Based on your preference, you can do swimming, squash or even football for building up your leg muscles. But my recommendation would be, go for cycling. As it works on many of the same muscles we use for climbing. And if you are confused about which bike to choose then you can check out the women’s hybrid bike reviews.

6. Adaptation

Mark my word when I say that higher altitude will prove the biggest obstacle in your bid to surmounting the mountain. For, in higher altitudes, the amount of oxygen that we take per breath is reduced greatly, and unsurprisingly we humans don’t cope well with lack of oxygen. Nevertheless, you can climb slowly to acclimatize with the adverse circumstances. However, there are companies who would help you to adapt to the higher altitudes by stimulating the reduced oxygen level in their designed tents for a fee which amounts to around 7000 $. If you can afford that amount of money, then this experience will certainly help you to manage the altitude problem better during the climbing.

7. Learn To Read Weather

Believe me, you want to learn all you can about the weather. Because by learning how to test the direction of the wind, reading the signs of bad weather and clouds, you can avoid life-threatening accidents. And what is more important than our lives?

8. The Mental Preparation

Mountain climbing isn’t all about physical fitness or strength, your mental strength plays a vital role in it too. You have to take a lot of critical decisions up on the mountain, and your decision will have consequences. Therefore, remove all hesitancy from your decision-making process as it would be a terrible hindrance while making important decisions. Nevertheless, over-confidence isn’t recommended as it could get you into deep trouble.

One last thing, envisage yourself on the top of the mountain and keep this picture always in your mind. This will keep you focused and motivated for your expedition.

9. Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet

Being overweight is detrimental to our health and more so when you are planning to climb one of the most dangerous mountains in the world. For this reason, you should consult a doctor and get a balanced diet appropriate to your body. It will go a long way to keep you fit and give you additional benefits while climbing.

10. Practice

Every mountaineer in the world knows how important practice is. Even if you are the best mountaineer in the world, you need practice.

And what is the best way to practice? Of course, by climbing mountains. Mount Kilimanjaro would be ideal for your climbing preparation.

In addition to this, you can do a lot of long distance running, this would improve your stamina and ability to endure difficulties.

That’s all, and I wish all the success in your endeavor to surmount the highest mountain in the world.

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