Tenzing Energy Drink

Ex-Red Bull marketer Huib van Bockel has launched a rival energy drink called Tenzing – in partnership with Jamling Tenzing Norgay, the son of Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, who was the first man to climb Mount Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary.

Tenzing Energy Drink

According to an interview in Marketing, van Bockel has been working on the new product since leaving Red Bull last December after spending eight years with the business. “The market is saturated with drinks that use artificial ingredients,” said van Bockel. “There’s really no need to synthetically create an energy drink, when it’s possible to source powerful, energising ingredients directly from nature. So, one year ago that’s what we set out to do.”

The drink is inspired by the natural energiser of the Nepalese sherpas and contains all-natural ingredients including green coffee, guarana and green tea. Tenzing features six ingredients including rock salts from the Himalayas, guarana and lemon juice from Brazil, green coffee and green tea from Kenya, and beet sugar from the Netherlands. It’s also made using half the amount of sugar as Red Bull.

The company will donate 5% of its profits to projects that help sustain the environment. The first two projects to receive this support include The Plastic Project by Tenzing’s house photographer Tim Nunn. Tenzing also works with the Tenzing Norgay family on environmental projects in the Himalayas. In May next year they will build multiple waste recycling units on the busy and very littered route up to the base camp on Mount Everest.

Source: foodbev.com

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