I have surfed the internet and read through many great books to find important Mount Everest statistics and information that I have put together and presented here. To the best of my knowledge everything here is correct, but I would very much appreciate if you would kindly let me know if you have spotted a mistake that I have made thank you.

A Comparison from 1924 v 2007 – A look at the difference in the clothing and gear used between 1924 and 2007

The Deceased List – A list of British Mount Everest climbers and why they sadly did not come home

Mount Everest Summiteers List – A full up to date list of British climbers to have reached the top of the world, includes information like route, their age, summit date etc

Mount Everest Weather – Everything you need to know about the ever changing weather on Mount Everest

Mount Everest 1953 – A look at the clothing and gear used on the successful 1953 British Mount Everest expedition

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