Rugby Game at Mount Everest in 2019

England forward Tamara Taylor will join fellow rugby internationals next year in an attempt to set two Guinness World Records by playing the highest game of touch rugby in history at Mount Everest.

Taylor, who has 115 caps, will join former internationals, Andy Gomarsall, Shane Williams and Ollie Phillips to take on a monumental challenge in April 2019 for Wooden Spoon – the children’s charity of rugby, and they are looking for people to join their ground breaking team.

Tamara Taylor

Image: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

The four team captains together with inspiring men and women from around the country,  are in training to travel to Advanced Base Camp at the North side of Mount Everest in Tibet in an attempt to set two Guinness World Records – one for the highest game of full contact rugby and one for the highest game of mixed touch rugby.

“I really like rugby, I really like helping people, and I like to challenge myself by doing things people say I can’t, or maybe shouldn’t,” said Taylor.

“I’m afraid of heights and get that tingly feeling in my hands and feet when I look over the edge of something high, in fact, I’m getting it now just thinking about it. I want to raise vital funds for Wooden Spoon and break a World Record. I need some more girls to join me.”

The LMAX Exchange Everest Rugby Challenge, will see the team push themselves to the limit as they trek across rugged terrain for five days – culminating at approximately 6,500 metres at Mount Everest where they will play two history-making matches to raise a minimum of £200,000 for Wooden Spoon.

The money raised will fund projects to help children and young people with disabilities and facing disadvantage across the UK and Ireland.

There are limited challenger places and sponsorship opportunities available.  To find out more visit

Source: England Rugby