Peter Andre and a terminally ill man to hike to Everest BC

A dad with stage four heart failure will be joined by Peter Andre as he attempts to climb part of Mount Everest.

Nick Jones, who lives in Westbury, has decided to take on the challenge in aid of a charity he’s set up to help young people deal with loss.

Nick has malignant hypertension, a condition which causes extremely high blood pressure.

People with heart failure often have a reduced life expectancy. Mr Jones says he is receiving end-of-life care.

Nick Jones and Peter Andre

Nick Jones and Peter Andre Image (C) Soul Media

He said: “My blood pressure for the past few years has been constantly 190 or 200 over 120 or 160.

“It’s like driving a Mustang at 200mph.

“Due to my condition I have stage four heart failure, which is the last one before you pop, as well as stage four renal failure.

“I have just come off dialysis treatment.

“I also have a condition called atrial fibullation (irregular heartbeat) so I’ve had a defibrillator fitted. It is making my life horrific.

“With those two conditions combined I’m now not sleeping and in total pain. I have to cope somehow.

“I’ve coped by immersing myself in the foundation since April.”

He set up the Nick Jones Foundation for Bereaved Children – in part motivated by the grief he experienced when his parents died.

The condition runs in the family, and Nick lost his mother and father at a young age.

He saw his mother die painfully whilst having the illness.

He said: “My mother died very painfully in front of me. I never got over it.

“Then Dad died ten years later. I’ve been around death all my life.

“I’m a funeral director by trade, I was a prison officer and have seen hangings.

“The ethos behind the foundation is that people can empathise with the situation (my children are in).

“I want there to be a phone number for people that have lost a parent.

“I also want there to be creative help. My drive will be creative therapy.

Nick is constantly meeting others in his line of work who want to be a part of the foundation.

“I still do security believe it or not. I met a DJ in a club in Bath who lost her dad at aged 12 and we got talking.

“She said she wanted to help people through dance ad DJing.

“We are building this jigsaw of creative therapy for those that need it. We aren’t just going to tick boxes.

“To me, grief might come out in two years time and we will always be there for the people that need it.”

Nick met Peter Andre after a black tie event for the foundation and the two got chatting, forming the idea of climbing Everest.

Peter was a special guest at the black tie event and became an ambassador for the charity, agreeing to accompany Nick to the base camp.

Source: Somerset Live