Irish Climber Pat Falvey retires

Pat Falvey, who has climbed Everest twice and has completed 155 expeditions across the world, is calling time on extreme adventures after losing more than 30 friends through climbing.

And the Cork man says he’s looking forward to his next career peak — becoming the world’s best granddad.

Pat Falvey

Pat Falvey © Pat Falvey

Pat, 61, said: “I’ll be retiring from the extreme adventure side of things. Over 30 climbers who I have climbed with are dead and I have two grandchildren now, so it’s time to focus on them.

“It needs to be done, I’ve had times where I was selfish where I didn’t take into consideration my family over the years.

“Just before my last expedition, my son said to me, ‘dad do you realise what you’ve missed? We love you, we’re very proud of you but you missed a lot’. He said, ‘now that you have grandchildren, do you think you can settle down’?

“Mum and dad are still alive, I’m in my sixties, I have grandchildren, my kids are in their forties, and I thought do you know what? The most important thing now in my life is to become the best grandfather that I can be.

“Outside that, I have massive dreams and goals and aspirations for the next 20 years.”
Pat discovered his passion for mountain climbing during one of his darkest hours. He was 29 and he had just attempted suicide.

The dad-of-two became a millionaire at 21 after he set up his own construction company.

However, when it went bust Pat fell into a deep depression.

Shortly after his suicide attempt, a friend’s dad invited him to go hill walking. Pat reluctantly accepted and a week later, he had scaled Ireland’s highest mountain, Carrauntoohil.

Pat caught the bug and just nine years later found himself atop the world’s highest peak, Mt Everest.

From there, he became the first person in the world to complete the Seven Summits twice and then spent the next 30 years traversing some of the most treacherous landscapes on the planet. Now he has written a book, Accidental Rebel, about his epic journeys.

Pat insists he’s content knowing that he will never take on another extreme adventure again.

But he’s not hanging up his climbing boots entirely. He has his own adventure company that specialises in tailored trips to the likes of Machu Picchu and Kilimanjaro.

And he also works as a motivational speaker and mentor.

Pat said: “This is a book about a fella who follows his dreams. I just want to show people that nothing is impossible.”

Source: The Sun