Mount Everest Beanie

Ellis Stewart has been on Mount Everest twice. He had not reached the top of the world due to an avalanche in 2014 and an earthquake in 2015. Ellis is planning on returning to Everest in 2020.

Ellis is currently selling Mount Everest related items such as T-Shirts, Beanies, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Framed Canvas Prints, Mugs and much more from his popular online shop at

His latest item that is selling really well is:

Mount Everest (Roof the of the World) Cotton Training Micro Knit Active Wear Beanie £7.50

Mount Everest Beanie

High density cotton micro-knit
Overlock stitch detail
9 unique stylish and vibrant colours

Mount Everest Beanie

Perfect for running, walking, climbing, biking and other fitness activities.

Would make a great gift too!

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