Messner Visits Txikon at Everest BC

As written by Alex Txikon

Life gives you surprises!

In that moment of happiness in which I thought that the greatest experience of my life couldn’t be overcome, Reinhold Messner my greatest idol and inspiration, comes to the Base Camp, to support me in my challenge of trying to ascend Everest in winter and without bottled oxygen. “The god of the mountains” was the first mountaineer with Peter Habeler to ascend the top of the world without bottled oxygen, and then crowned him alone. The support he has given us is indescribable; an energy kick from the hand of the greatest. Thank you, Messner, your steps are our way!


We are already in the 2C where we will spend the night and leave at dawn. With the strength that Messner has transmitted to us, we have come upwards with our eyes set on the balmy 8848 meters that reaches our dream. In the last weeks, the weather has not played in our favor, but we have a very small truce until Wednesday; Moment in which we will try to finish the adventure. Nuri, my Nepalese companion, will accompany me to the top and German, Temba, Sanu and Pasang Nurbu will be our support. Until now, the wind does not stop and hit us hard, but the mere fact of having the opportunity to try, pushes us forward. Fingers crossed. I need you more than ever to be with me. Let’s go for the last attempt!

Source: Facebook Alex Txikon