To Measure Mount Everest will take 2 years

After the doubts that the 2015 earthquake may have affected the actual height Mount Everest, the Nepal government is going to spend a couple of years measuring the world’s tallest mountain.

The Indian government had a keen desire to measure the peak to observe if it shrunk after the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. The country’s surveyor-general Swarna Subba Rao also mentioned an expedition would be sent to survey the world’s highest mountain.

At the same time Chinese and other institutes offered to measure it after the earthquake, but the government of Nepal will conduct the measurement by itself.

The technicians have already started measuring process in Udayapur district. It is considered that the study will also provide knowledge about how the Everest is being affected by the climate change.

A team of technicians will measure the peak from Basghari, Udayapur to Lukla in 2017. In the meantime, to carryout measurement at high altitude, Sherpas will be trained to carry equipment from base camp to the peak.

RT quoted Ganesh Prasad Bhatta of the Survey Department as saying to the Kathmandu Post, “We will involve international experts, scientists and others who are experienced in high altitude measurements.”

“We will take technical support from International Association of Geodesy, a trusted and credible organization in measurement,” he said. UNAVCO, the Geo-science research association proposed the height of the peak had dropped by an inch.

The height of the peak is considered to be 8,848 meters which is approximately 29,029 feet, but the satellite images taken after 2015 earthquake from radar satellite Europe’s Sentinel-1A shows the mountain may have shrunk.

The new measurement will make things clear and for this GPS, gravity survey measurement will be adopted for the  vertical height measurement and to ensure the results are accurate mathematical survey will be taken into consideration.

According to the Kathmandu Post reports, the Government of Nepal has allotted Rs 20 million for the project, and is ready to extend the limit of funds. The total cost could reach more than Rs 140 million.

Source: India Today

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