I have been in touch with some well known mountaineers who have all reached the summit of Mount Everest. They have very kindly taken time out of their busy schedules and agreed to do an exclusive interview for this website.

Find out what the climber’s answer is when I ask my favourite question: Do you think that George Mallory and Andrew Irvine climbed the Second Step? I am in contact with many Mount Everest climbers, if there is someone you would like for me to do an interview with then just ask and I will see what I can do.

British Mountaineers

Adele Pennington | Alan Hinkes | Alan Meek | Becky Bellworthy | Bonita Norris | Chris Bonington | David Tait | Edward Buckingham | Gavin Bate | George Atkinson | Graham Hoyland | Graham Hoyland ‘New book’ | Holly Budge | Ian Woodall | James Brooman | James Ketchell | James Grieve | Jo Bradshaw | Jon Gupta | Jules Mountain | Kenton Cool | Lynne Hanna | Mark Horrell | Matt Dickinson | Matthew Dieumegard-Thronton | Michael Bronco Lane | Mick Allen | Mike Davey | Mike and Anna Brown | Mollie Hughes | Neil Laughton | Noel Hanna | Phil Crampton | Rebecca Stephens | Rob Casserley | Roland HunterRupert Jones-Warner | Sam Lipscombe | Sean James | Stephen Venables | Stuart MacDonald | Stuart Peacock | Squash Falconer | Tim Mosedale

International Mountaineers

Alan Arnette | Brian Dickinson | Jake Norton | Jochen Hemmleb | Katie Sarah | Ian Wade | Stephen Bock

Interviews of climbers who have been on Mount Everest but have not reached the summit

Alex Staniforth | Ellis Stewart

Other related Mount Everest interviews

Sandra Noel Colin Wallace

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