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Alex Staniforth is a 20-year old endurance adventurer, charity fundraiser, athlete, ambassador and motivational speaker from Cheshire. In 2015 his second attempt to climb Mount Everest ended in disaster after the Nepal earthquake triggered avalanches, tragically killing three of his team-mates at base camp, whilst narrowly escaping an avalanche himself below Camp 1. In Spring 2014 his first attempt to reach the summit of Mount Everest, aged 18, was cut short by another major avalanche. He has raised over £34,000 for various causes, including the victims of the Nepal earthquake. His book “Icefall” tells the story of these devastating events and his journey through adversity to Everest.

Icefall: The True Story of a Teenager on a Mission to the Top of the World

A suspenseful memoir marked by adventure, hardship, and achievement, Alex Staniforth’s Icefall is the remarkable true story of a teenager’s journey to conquer Mount Everest. Plagued by adversity and epilepsy as a child, Alex developed a determination and will to succeed that would ultimately lead him from his home in Cheshire, England to the face of Everest at only eighteen years old. Though his will to reach the summit was extraordinary, he could have never anticipated the unprecedented dangers and risks that the mountain had in store for him. In this inspirational tale of tragedy and redemption, Alex reveals the universal truth that adversity may be the greatest teacher of all, but nothing can teach you more about life than death.

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