How Much Does it Cost to Climb Mount Everest?

Nearly every year we read that hundreds of climbers have reached the highest summit in the world Mount Everest, but what does it cost them to make their dream come true?

To climb Mount Everest will cost you a lot of money, it does not matter how you climb, whether you climb Solo (if allowed), just with a Sherpa or join an expedition, you will still need lots and lots of it!

The North Col route from Tibet is slightly cheaper to climb from but is less popular than the South side.

Mount Everest South Side

Photo (C) Tim Mosedale

Here we will look at what it costs to climb Mount Everest via the South Col route from Nepal as a member of a well established company here in the UK during 2016.

Everest Expedition is owned and ran by Tim Mosedale. Tim has reached the summit of Mount Everest 4 times with clients from his team.

Everest Expedition charges £32,529,77 (February 2016 Currency Rate) or US $46,750 but what do you get for your money?

Cost Includes

Everest Expedition administration, planning, technical support, guiding, instruction and logistics
Everest Permit
Expedition agent in Nepal

In Kathmandu

Airport transfers in Kathmandu
Four Nights Hotel accommodation in Kathmandu
All Group Meals in Kathmandu
Kathmandu to Lukla return flight
Kathmandu to Lukla tax

On Route to Mount Everest

A mixture of Tea houses and tented accommodation
All group feeding arrangements to and from Base Camp
Sherpa Support

At Base Camp

Insurance for Base Camp and Sherpa crew
Liaison Officer
Base Camp manager
Cook crew
Full Board living
3 Course Meals
All camping equipment, kitchen tent, dining tent, toilet tent, kitchen utensils etc
Loads of Snacks and other goodies
Personal spacious Base Camp tent with foam mattress
Shower facilities
Satellite phone for clients’ use (at cost)
Access to e mail facilities
Daily weather information

Above Base Camp

All food and fuel
Pots, pans, cookers, stove boards etc
Mountain tents
Mess tent at Camp 2
Kitchen tent and cook at Camp 2
Walkie Talkie Radios for use on the mountain
Climbing Sherpa(s)
Oxygen as required
Comprehensive 1st aid kit including antibiotics and medicines for use at altitude
Gammow bag
Emergency oxygen available for use on the mountain

You get a lot for your money but there are other important things you will need to add to the cost.

Cost does NOT Include

But needed

Personal high altitude climbing Down Suit, Boots (8,000m) and Tent (8,000m)  £1,800 to £2,000
UK to Kathmandu return flight approx £500 – £900
Nepalese 90 day multiple entry Visa approx £75
Vaccinations (some are free on the NHS others cost) approx £40 – £100
Travel and medical insurance approx £300 – £400
Hire of any equipment for personal use approx £100
Tips for the staff approx £104
Climbing Sherpa Summit day bonus £693
Drinks (soft and alcohol) with meals in Kathmandu approx £50 – £100
Drinks and/or food during the trek other than that which is provided by the crew (e.g. soft drinks, snacks, alcohol, etc) approx £100
Satellite phone, phone credit, wi-fi approx £200
Spending money for souvenirs/treats etc approx £200 – £500

You might need

Any tea house and feeding costs if rest days are taken further down the valley
Unscheduled Hotel / tea house stays and restaurant meals (if delayed departing Kathmandu or Lukla)
Any costs incurred if leaving the expedition early
Any costs incurred if the expedition ends early (e.g. bringing your international flight departure forward)
Any international freight charges in the event that your bags don’t arrive in Kathmandu from Lukla due to any delays prior to your departure from Nepal

Total Cost

Everest Expedition charges £32,529,77
But needed (based on the highest price) £5,272

Total Cost £37,801,77 or US $56,0160,97

This cost does not include any extra days staying in hotels/tea houses, or any costs incurred if leaving the expedition early, bringing your flight forward. You must also consider the cost of any trekking clothing you may need to buy for the trek to Base Camp.

Where do I get that sort of money from?

Some climbers re-mortgage their house or take out a big bank loan, others may have a successful business and use money from that or you could save up for it. There is also sponsorship, but today this seems to be harder to get than it once was or pray that you win the lottery.

There are of course cheaper and more expensive companies out there to use, the choice is yours but I have chosen Everest Expedition by Tim Mosedale because here in the UK he is a respected climber with excellent feedback from his Mount Everest clients.

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