Signed Sir Edmund Hillary Ice Axe Presentation

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves” – Sir Edmund Hillary

Celebrate your Mount Everest success with a signed Sir Edmund Hillary Ice Axe presentation personalised with images of your own adventure

Mount Everest

Edmund Hillary     Tenzing Norgay

Mount Everest. Many of you have had the privilege to sit at its base in awe of its majestic splendour but even today only a few people in reality have had the tenacity, the drive and the desire to sacrifice everything to set foot on its crown – the top of the world. For those of you that have viewed the world from this position it was driven by years of dreaming, planning, training and sacrifice that those back at the office will never fully comprehend. It is a force within you that few of us will have the privilege of understanding. Sadly for some whilst this passion was within them they never quite made the top and others never made it down.

Given what you endured, put yourself in the boots of the men that were first to “knock the bugger off,” and returned to tell the story… Sir Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norgay and the British Climbing Team. It is after all a team effort as you well know. Yes of course it would have been more difficult given the clothing, the weight of the gear, the lack of support in many ways and the unknown factor of what comes next from the weather conditions or simply with each step not knowing what is ahead. However mentally I am not sure if what they went through is any different to what you endured.

Yes there is the fear of the unknown and that is what exploring is all about but sometimes knowledge can be more fearsome. You know the odds of making it to the top, the odds of dying and everything that mountain will do to limit your chances of success, even with today’s technology.

Whilst Sir Edmund and Tenzing may have been the first to the top, your success is just as significant and needs to be celebrated in much the same way. That is why we decided to offer all summiteers an opportunity to purchase one of our personally signed Sir Edmund Hillary’s Ice Axes as a tribute to your success.

Nepal Mountaineering Association  Himalayan Trust

20% goes to support either the Himalayan Trust’s endeavours in Nepal or, the Nepal Mountaineering Association’s MDRES fund helping with the education of Sherpa children whose family members were lost in recent avalanches on Mount Everest.

Signed Sir Edmund Hillary Ice Axe Presentation

These can be personalised to include photos of your success on Mount Everest across the bottom along with a stainless steel plaque with copy, times and dates of your own choosing.

Signed Sir Edmund Hillary Ice Axe Presentation

These are not sold to the general public as an item of memorabilia but just to charities for their fundraising endeavours, summiteers and corporate sponsors.

The Ice Axes were replicated from Sir Edmund’s original in conjunction with the curator at the Auckland Museum and bear the original hand written signature of Sir Edmund Hillary and are supported by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Dame Catherine Tizard.

Dame Catherine Tizard and Edmund Hillary  Edmund Hillary

These presentations are superb, not only as an heirloom but also a means to generate funds for your next adventure, a gift to sponsors or clients, a foyer piece to be admired or as a means to fundraise for your charity of choice. At charity auctions these have raised anywhere from £4000 – £60,000.

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