The Girl Who Climbed Everest

Bonita Norris is the youngest person in the world to have reached both the summit of Mt Everest and the North Pole.

She has undertaken six expeditions to the Himalayas and Karakoram. She began climbing age 20 after a chance lecture about mountaineering inspired her to change her life.

She is an ambassador for the charity Play For Change, who work with children in Nepal and the UK.

‘What I’ve learned from climbing mountains is that we can push ourselves far beyond what we think we are capable of, and it’s outside of our comfort zones that the most amazing things happen.’

What drives us to go to our limits and beyond? What does it take to make dreams come true over all else? And how can you turn fear into courage?

Bonita Norris

From Everest to K2, The Girl Who Climbed Everest is the story of Bonita Norris’ journey undertaking the world’s toughest and most dangerous expeditions. Once an anxious teenager with an eating disorder it was the discovery of a passion for climbing that inspired Bonita to change her life. Drawing on her experiences to capture the agonies – both mental and physical – and joys of her incredible feats Bonita also imparts the lessons learned encouraging you to harness greater self-belief.

The Girl Who Climbed Everest is an honest exploration of everything Bonita has learnt from climbing. Life lessons about ambition, values, risk, happiness, the courage to fail, and what’s ultimately important. An indispensable and important book for anyone who has ever doubted their potential or put limits on themselves – whatever challenge you face or ambitions you want to achieve, The Girl Who Climbed Everest will inspire you to take action and live life more fearlessly.

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