Football for Summit of Everest

Carlsberg is providing an ultimate football experience by sending the autographs of its consumers to the top of the world, Mt Everest in April-May.

The signed ball by Liverpool’s attacking midfielder Philippe Coutinho along with the autograph flag was handed over to Peak Promotion Pvt Ltd, our partner mountaineering agency amidst grandeur event on Monday, Carlsberg said in a release. Ascend will take place in April and the signed ball along with the autograph banner is expected to reach the top of the world by mid-May. Autographs of 10,000-plus Carlsberg consumers will reach to the top of Everest.

Carlsberg is also proud to announce that the autograph banner along with the signed ball will be taken to the Liverpool FC’s Anfield Stadium where they will be displayed at the Carlsberg lounge for a couple of weeks, it said. Carlsberg had launched the campaign ‘Your Autograph on Top of the World’ in March-April last year. The signed balls were taken around to selected outlets in Kathmandu for consumers. Carlsberg consumers became a part of this campaign by providing their autographs in 2,000 outlets across Nepal.

However in the wake of the mega earthquakes that took place in the month of April and May last year, Carlsberg’s ‘Your Autograph on Top of the World’ campaign was postponed. Philip Norley, Managing Director at Gorkha Brewery said: “It is truly a unique opportunity for Carlsberg to be able to take the official football signed by Liverpool FC players along with the autographs of its consumers to the top of the world. We are delighted to share this great football moment with our fans. Our relationship with Liverpool FC started in 1992. It was Carlsberg’s very first connection to English football — an affiliation which has grown significantly.”

Baibhav Sharma, Head of Marketing at Gorkha Brewery shared his excitement: “Together with our consumers, we are embarking on a great journey to take the autographs with the ball signed by Liverpool FC players to a greater height, literally to the top of the world, and we are confident that we will make it.” Sharma added: “Liverpool FC is building a new main stand at the stadium and we will have a very nice Carlsberg lounge there. It is a matter of immense pleasure and pride for us and for our consumers that the banner along with the signed ball will be kept for display at the Carlsberg lounge at Anfield after ascend is completed.”

Carlsberg is seeking to fulfill dreams of consumers by taking their autographs imprinted on a Carlsberg flag, which will make its final journey to Mt Everest. In true Carlsberg spirit, this journey will not only strengthen the ties with football fans, but also takes the experience to a whole new level, right on to the top of the world.

Source: The Himalayan Times

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