Everest VR on Playstation

Ever feel the urge to climb to the tip of a sublime and awe-inspiring mountain 30,000 feet above sea level but can’t quite bring yourself to put on pants? Then Everest VR on Playstation VR is the game for you! Like Everest itself, the game’s graphics are absolutely breathtaking, plus you’ll have the opportunity to experience all of the majesty of Earth’s tallest mountain without needing to think about that whole you-definitely-may-die thing.

Following its launch on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift last year, Everest VR is now available for purchase in the Playstation store for $14.99. A reasonable price for a super rich, nearly photorealistic VR game, which seems even more reasonable when you consider the fact that it costs between $35,000 to $100,000 to climb the real deal.

The focus of Everest VR, which was built using Unreal Engine 4, appears to be heavily weighted toward capturing the visual experience of climbing Mount Everest as well as the essence of what it’s like to journey up the epic mountainside — eating apples at base camp, watching the Milky Way strewn across the night sky — as opposed to trying to capture the technical problem solving of the notoriously arduous climb.

As co-founder of Sólfar Studios, the Iceland-based company behind Everest VR, noted in an interview back when the game was first being released, “Everest VR is not a technical climbing game, it’s not trying to accurately simulate exactly how it would be to hike or climb Mount Everest, but… [it gives you] a sense of some of the mechanics that climbers use as they’re getting up the mountain…”

To capture Everest in such incredibly realistic detail, Sólfar Studios teamed up with Nordic VFX house RVX, which was responsible for generating the stunning visuals in the 2015 film, Everest. It seems like that team has somehow managed to up its game with Everest VR however, as evidenced by the 360-degree in-game views.

Source: nerdist.com

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