Everest Summiteers 2016

I have started to put my list together of the British climbers who reached the summit of Mount Everest back in May this year.

My list is sourced from dispatches, contact with the climber and news articles on the internet. Have I missed you out? Maybe you know of someone I have not added to the list? If you can help in anyway I would be very great full thank you. You can contact me here.

South Side

Kenton Cool 12th May

Robert Lucas 12th May

Steve Waterman 13th May

David Hamilton 13th May

Nick Talbot 13th May

Mary Scannell 13th May

Jo Bradshaw 19th May

Tim Mosedale 19th May

Chris Bradley 19th May

James Grieve 19th May

Melanie Southworth 20th May

North Side

Noel Hanna 21st May

Lynne Hanna 21st May

Mick Allen 22nd May

Chris Harling 22nd May

Andrew James 22nd May

Andrew Taylor 22nd May