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UFO Spotted above Mount Everest

A bizarre UFO has been spotted above Mount Everest. The disc-shaped object can be seen in the sky over the Himalayas. Image: UFO TODAY UFO watchers say the spooky object causes a silhouette and its height means it can’t be a drone or helicopter. The image is one of 477 stitched together by mountaineer and filmmaker David Breashears as part

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World’s most dangerous job: A Sherpa on Everest

One of the most experienced Sherpas to ever scale Everest, Lakpa Rita talks misconceptions, being buried alive and why clients just don’t listen. Lakpa Rita Sherpa has been climbing since he was 18 years old and is known today, some 30 years later, as the ‘Best Sirdar in the Khumbu’. In other words, if you want to get up a

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Lama Geshe who blessed Everest climbers has died

A Buddhist monk who blessed Everest climbers headed for the summit of the world’s highest mountain has died in Nepal aged 87, local officials said Wednesday (Feb 14). Lama Geshe was a fixture of the Everest climbing community and few would dare attempt to climb the fabled 8,848 metre peak without seeking his blessing. Photo:Courtesy of www.alanarnette.com © reproduction prohibited

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China denies changing height of Mount Everest

China has denied changing its figure for the official height of Mount Everest following a reported drop off in the number of climbers tackling the world’s highest peak from the Tibet side. In an interview with Xinhua, an unnamed official from the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation said China had not “at any time or under any circumstances

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Nepal losing out to China for Everest Climbers

Poor regulation and overcrowding are pushing Everest climbers away from Nepal to China, which is investing millions to boost a rival path to the top of the world. Veteran climbing outfits, fed up with what they regard as a lax attitude to safety on Nepal’s southern flank of the 8,848 metre peak, are starting to shift operations to Everest’s north side

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Measuring Mount Everest Due to Start

Mount Everest is famous as the tallest mountain in the world, but just how tall is it? Officially the peak stands at 29,029ft above sea level, though that measurement dates from the 1950s and teams from around the globe have attempted to have it moved up and down ever since. But now, for the first time, a team of Nepalese

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Interview by Edward Buckingham

British Mount Everest summiteer Edward Buckingham has very kindly taken the time to do an interview for our site. In 2011 Edward became the first Cornishman to stand on the summit of Mount Everest via the North Col route. He has also climbed the ‘Seven Summits’. Edward Buckingham Interview

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New Poll Question

I have added a new poll question for the month of February. Is the decision to ban solo and disabled climbers from Mount Everest a good or bad idea? Please take your vote at www.everest1953.co.uk thank you. Results from last months question Was the summit of Mount Everest reached in 1924? Yes by Mallory & Irvine 36% Yes by Mallory

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