Everest Hero to Return in 2017

A Yorkshire mountaineer who abandoned his dream of reaching the summit of Mount Everest to rescue a fellow climber who was falling to her death, is planning to make a second attempt next year.

Leslie Binns from Rotherham, a former soldier who was blown up four times, and lost the sight in his left eye during active service, was praised for his selfless bravery for saving Indian climber Sunita Hazra.

Leslie was in sight of the summit when he chose to forgo his dream and save Sunita, who was near death.

Leslie , who admitted he was “gutted” not to have been able to achieve his lifelong ambition, is now in training to repeat the attempt next year. And he says if he comes across someone else in their hour of need – he would do the same again.

Anyone wishing to help Leslie can do so via his facebook page. Here he explains why he is putting his climbing boots back on to Calendar’s Duncan Wood and Sally Simpson.

Source: itv.com

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