Everest Climb at Camp 1

After four stages of work equipping The Khumbu icefall yesterday that the wind gave us a window of good conditions, we ascended and spent the night at 5870 meters, in a provisional field, but as it is not the best place, today we have climbed to 6050 meters to build the C1. At the moment, we are less than 30º.

It’s been hard days, carrying a lot of weight behind our backs. At about 5500 meters, the seracs begin to be more interesting, but they are not dangerous. In general terms, the work to win meters becomes more laborious. At 5600 meters we passed under a serac that brings me nothing of confidence, but I am optimistic and I face it mercilessly. At that moment, we entered between blocks and ice balls. It is the beginning of a section of 150 meters that I have called “the runner of death”. An area that makes the breath freeze and our hearts beat even faster. The truth is that it impresses a lot, since on both sides seracs do not leave anyone indifferent. Undoubtedly, we have made the effort to control and confront our fears.

Source: Alex Txikon Blog


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