Climb Everest in 4 Weeks for 95.000 Euro

Time is a valuable commodity. We are about to change the fundamentals of high-mountain expeditions. Mount Everest in 4 weeks!

While a regular Everest expedition can require almost two months, our Everest Flash expedition takes only 4 weeks while increasing safety and chances of success.

One of the main reasons for a failed climb of an 8000m summit is the long acclimatization time at the mountain. The repeated ascents and descents, the threat of catching an infection at the base camp, where many people must live in a very crowded space, robs many climbers the energy even before the actual climb has started. To raise the chances of success, we begin with the acclimatization process via hypoxic tents at the participants’ home, 6-8 weeks prior to our actual departure to Nepal. Those tents are going to be set up by our experts and under their supervision, the expedition members body will slowly be acclimatized to a height that is equivalent to Camp 3 at Mount Everest. Conventional tents can simulate a maximum altitude of 6000m. With our new system, we can reach up to 7200m. Furtenbach Adventures is using hypoxic tents since almost two decades and we have a long experience with these means of acclimatization for high altitude mountaineering. In 2016, our team was the first successful Everest expedition, where all participants where pre-acclimatized with hypoxic tents. This decreased the time we had to acclimatize at the mountain significantly, before we could start our ascent to the summit. After reaching the summit, we were also the only team that was able to descend in one go to Camp 2. This higher performance capacity contributes largely to the safety aspect, thanks to proper pre-acclimatization.

Mount Everest

These special preparations, combined with small groups, maximum oxygen support, the latest equipment, an experienced team (some of our Sherpas have climbed Mount Everest up to 19 times) and our vast organizational experiences allow a total expedition duration of 4 weeks. So far, we are the only operator at Mount Everest that can offer such a short period without increasing any risks. Since decades, the fundamental techniques, equipment, high-altitude medicine and weather forecasts have been developed over time. The climbing tactics however have remained the same as they were in the 1970s. We are about to change that by providing a modern climbing alternative which meets the current state of the art and respects the general principles of safety.

The Everest Flash Expedition takes place at the northern route in Tibet, which is considered the objectively safest route. We are traveling to the mountain from Lhasa with the jeep to the base camp. At the time our expedition member reach the base camp, all high camps and oxygen depots have already been set up by our Sherpa teams. All we have to do is wait for the right weather.

As oxygen system, we rely on Summit Oxygen, the latest, lightest and most reliable of all systems on the market. Our members will receive special regulators that have been customized for us and are able to deliver more oxygen than common regulators. An oxygen flow rate of up to 8 liters / minute is possible. Unlimited oxygen will be available from ABC at 6400m respectively from the North Col at 7000m.

The whole oxygen system will be brought and deposited at the mountain redundantly. For each participant, we provide 1,5 Sherpas in order to compensate possible defaults of Sherpas and to carry large amount of oxygen gear.


  • Shortened duration of the expedition (4 weeks only)
  • 1:1,5 client Sherpa ratio
  • Unlimited oxygen for each member
  • 100 % redundant oxygen supply for each member
  • UIAGM / IFMGA mountain guide
  • Limited number of participants
  • Smallest groups compared to other tour operators for more safety and higher chances of success
  • The Everest Flash expedition is exclusively available at Furtenbach Adventures, no other operator reaches the 4-week mark

Price: € 95.000 (approx £85.000)


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