Everest 2017

British Mount Everest Climbers/Expeditions 2017

If you are of British nationality and climbing Mount Everest during 2017 then contact us and I will add your details below. Please note that I have only listed those who carry a British passport.

During the climbing season I will be doing daily dispatches of the British teams/climbers, these will be shown on the Everest News page.

South Side

Everest Expedition www.everestexpedition.co.uk
Leader: Tim Mosedale UK

G200 Expedition Team www.gurkhabde.com
Leader: Major Andy Todd UK

David Tait UK www.davidtait.com

Himex www.himalayanexperience.com
Jeff Smith UK www.everestat53.com

North Side

Alpenglow Expeditions www.alpenglowexpeditions.com
Adrian Ballinger UK

Mountain Expeditions www.mountain-expeditions.co.uk
Leader: Jon Gupta UK
Mollie Hughes UK www.molliehughes.co.uk

Summit Climb www.summitclimb.com
Leader: David O’Brien UK