Doug Scott Lectures 2017

An exciting Lecture Tour has been put together for 2017 with Doug lecturing in England, Wales and Scotland bringing the tour to a close at the end of November in London.

This year is the 40th anniversary of Doug and his team’s successful ascent of the Ogre and Doug will show newly discovered images of the climb. Doug will recount how, as he abseiled from just below the summit, he slammed into the rock, dangling on the end of the rope with both legs broken just above the ankles and then had to crawl back down the mountain.

This epic journey took eight days. With the selfless support from the other team members, Sir Chris Bonington, Mo Anthoine and Clive Rowland they eventually descended to the glacier and relative safety. Except the adventure did not end there as there was a five day wait for the stretcher party to pick up Doug and, when the helicopter did eventually fly everyone out, it crash landed at Skardu.

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Source: Community Action Nepal