Dispatches 7

Everest Expedition (South Side)

Tim reports that they had a windy night (not baked beans) and was still blowing a gale this morning.

The team might go up to Camp 1 tomorrow (20th April) and stay for two nights, but this is not certain. Whatever they do they will be back in time for the teams Puja which is on the 24>th April.

Adventure Peaks (North Side)

The team arrived into Base Camp on the 16th April. Since then they have been busy unpacking and checking gear.

This morning (19th April) they went trekking on hills that overlook Base Camp. Tomorrow is a rest day. They will catch up on their chores such as laundry etc.

They are hoping to climb to Advanced Base Camp on Thursday

Summit Climb (South Side)

Today (19th April) the team have had ice climbing training near Base Camp. Lots of practice on using ice axes, ropes, harnesses, screws etc.

They report that it has been a sunny day but not to hot.

7 Summits Club (North Side)

The team have reached Everest Base Camp today (19th April).