Dispatches 6

Jagged Globe (South Side)

This morning (18th April) the team left their warm sleeping bags at 02.00 for a foray into the ice fall. At 07.30 they turned around and got back into Base Camp for a 10.45 breakfast.

Jagged Globe has said “The ice fall is looking more difficult this year both in terms of technical skills needed as well as making safe tracks through terrain involving perilous crevasses and overhanging ice.”

Tomorrow it is planned for a 01.00 start for the team to ascend up to Camp 1. They will stay there for a day and night to help with their acclimatization.

Summit Climb (South Side)

This morning (18th April) the team woke up to a golden sunrise. Today has been spent checking climbing gear, going for a short walk, paying a visit to the EverestER hospital, enjoying tasty food and watching movies.