Dispatches 18

Summit Climb (South Side)

The Summit Climb team made an early start this morning (30th April) busy packing for the ascent to Camp 3. They report of light winds and blue skies.

Everest Expedition (South Side)

Today (30 April) the team are spending the day chilling out and resting up before their next move up the mountain.

High Adventure Expeditions (South Side)

British expedition leader Hugo Searle tore his calf muscle in an accident in the ice fall yesterday. The ER team at Base Camp has said that his climb is over and that Hugo will need 6 weeks of rehab. He should alsohave a cast on his leg but that is not possible at Base Camp.

Hugo will stay in Base Camp to coordinate the rest of the team.

The rest of the team have arrived into Camp 1 safely. They will stay there for 2 nights before ascending to Camp 2.

Kenton Cool Expedition (South Side)

Kenton reports that he is in the Western Cwm with Rob.

7 Summits Club (North Side)

Over the last few days the team made a second trip to Advanced Base Camp, staying there for 2 nights.

They reported of very strong winds at Advanced Base Camp which almost brought the tents to the ground.

At Advanced Base Camp they had ice and rope training that all went well.

The team are now back in Base Camp enjoying the luxuries of a bath, playing pool and watching a film in the cinema tent.

They will rest up here for the next 3 days before going back up the mountain.

Alpenglow Expeditions (North Side)

Adrian is settling in to life at Advanced Base Camp.

The rest of the team will start their two day trek to Advanced Base Camp tomorrow (1st May).