Dispatches 17

Summit Climb (South Side)

The Lhotse Face has reopened after the opening of a large crevasse yesterday cutting off the route.

Today (29th April) the team have walked to the base of the Lhotse Face. Tomorrow (30th April) they will ascend to Camp 3.

Kenton Cool Expedition (South Side)

Kenton and Rob are now back in Base Camp. They have been busy this past week with a trip to the bottom of the Lhotse face.

Summit Climb (North Side)

The team arrived into Advance Base Camp on the 27th April. They report that it is very windy there. All members are fine and enjoying the food at camp while acclimatizing.

Alpenglow Expeditions (North Side)

Adrian reports that they have a few more days to acclimatize before ascending to Advanced Base Camp. They are relaxing, reading, doing emails and talking to other climbers. They intend to take a few hikes now they are getting use to the altitude for exercise and further acclimatization.

Adventure Peaks (North Side)

Yesterday (28th April) the team walked out to crampon point to view the challenge before them. The ropes above them were busy with Sherpas and other climbers.