Dispatches 16

Jagged Globe (South Side)

After spending three nights at Camp 2 they are now safely back in Base Camp. Those who stayed at Base Camp walked into the ice fall to meet those coming down.

The conditions at Camp 2 were said to be cold and windy.

They are now having a few rest days before the next rotation up the mountain.

Altitude Junkies (South Side)

Altitude Junkies have members in Base Camp, Camp 1 and Camp 2 at present.

The team at Camp 2 were hoping to tag Camp 3 today (28th April) but this was cut short due to a crevasse that has opened up on the route which will require a ladder to cross. They will now stay another night at Camp 2 and try again tomorrow.

The Sherpas have been busy carrying loads from Camp 1 to Camp 2.

Summit Climb (South Side)

Summit Climb reports that their team have retreated back to Camp 2 because of the crevasse opening up at the base of the Lhotse Face.

Their Sherpas have descended to the ice fall to retrieve some ladders to make a bridge across the crevasse.

High Adventure Expeditions (South Side)

The team have a 1am start tomorrow (29th April) morning and are heading for Camp 1.

360 Expeditions (South Side)

The team have spent their second night at Camp 2. Like other teams, they tried to ascend to Camp 3 but found the route impassable due to the crevasse that has opened up.

Everest Expedition (South Side)

Chris is spending his third night at Camp 2 tonight (28th April) before descending back to Base Camp for a well earned rest.

Tim stayed at Base Camp looking after David before he (David) flew out to the hospital in Kathmandu.

David is being well looked after in hospital, where he will probably stay for the coming week until well enough to fly back to England.

Adventure Peaks (North Side)

The team are resting at Base Camp but keeping busy with washing clothes, having showers, eating, tidying their tents and keeping up with social media.

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