Dispatches 15

Jagged Globe (South Side)

The team have been acclimatising in Camp 2 today (27th April) and report that it is chilly and windy up there. Part of there acclimatization was to walk to the base of the Lhotse Face, they then returned to Camp 2 in time for breakfast.

Tomorrow (28th April) they will all return to Base Camp.

Altitude Junkies (South Side)

Some of the team are spending their second day at Camp 2 to help with their acclimatization.

Other team members descended to Base Camp this morning (27th April) while other members are leaving Base Camp tomorrow (28th April) morning to ascend to Camp 1 and Camp 2 respectively.

Summit Climb (South Side)

The teams Sherpas climbed the Lhotse Face to Camp 3 today while the team members rest up in Camp 2.

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