Dispatches 14

Summit Climb (South Side)

The team who are at Camp 1 are busy preparing themselves for the ascent to Camp 2. It was reported that the winds were lighter last night.

Summit Climb (North Side)

The team walked up to Interim Base Camp yesterday (25th April) which is half way to ABC. They report that they have had to re-build there kitchen tent several times due to it being very windy.

7 Summits Club (North Side)

Yesterday (25th April) the team had there Puja Ceremony. Today (26th April) they walked up to Interim Base Camp and tomorrow they will continue to Advanced Base Camp.

Everest Expedition (South Side)
David Bradley has left Mount Everest. Having not feeling well the past few days he decided to visit the hospital in Kathmandu, he left Base Came via helicopter.

After an x-ray, ECG and blood test it showed that David had High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema and some kidney damage from dehydration.

He is being watched and looked after in hospital. His dream is now over.