Dispatches 13

Altitude Junkies (South Side)

On the 23rd April the team had 8 loads of rope, hardware and oxygen transported by helicoptor from Gorak Shep to Camp 1. This will save 87 Sherpa loads through the Khumbu ice fall.

This morning (25th April) several team members along with their personal Sherpas ascended to Camp 1. Tomorrow (26th April) they will continue to Camp 2. The other team members are still at Base Camp taking care of annoying coughs and sore throats before going higher.

Tomorrow (26th April), if they are feeling better they will climb directly to Camp 2 from Base Camp to join the other team members.

If all goes well with the rope fixing on the Lhotse Face, then the team members in position at Camp 2 will hopefully tag Camp 3 during this rotation.

Everest Expedition (South Side)

The other day Tim and Chris spent 2 nights at Camp 1. Making steady progress through the ice fall they arrived into Camp 1 in just over 5 hours. At Camp 1 they relaxed, ate, drink and played cards before ascending to Camp 2 and back the following day.

Tim says that the route is good and the ropes are well fixed. Tim did lose his balance while crossing a ladder section but with Chris to assist all was ok. Tim said “it was a pant filling experience”.

Back in Camp 1 they experienced high winds that battered their tent before being followed by utter calm.

They descended back to Base Camp in around 2hrs 30mins and were soon enjoying the food in the mess tent.

Yesterday (24th April) they had their Puja which is an important blessing for the team as well as the Sherpas. The Puja was accompanied by chanting, throwing rice and drinking chang.

Chris will be off to Camp 2 in a couple of days whilst Tim will be taking David to Camp 1 for his acclimatisation rotation.

360 Expeditions (South Side)

Today (25th April) the team should have been ascending up to Camp 2. But for some reason ‘logistics’ meant no, so they are now going to get up early tomorrow (26th April) morning and make the climb up to Camp 2.

High Adventure Expeditions

Yesterday (24th April) the team made the long walk from Loubouche to Base Camp.

Today (25th April) they are sorting out their belongings and settling into Base Camp.

Tomorrow (26th April) they will trek over to Pumori Advanced Base Camp for acclimatization before heading into the Khumbu ice fall later in the week.

Adventure Peaks (North Side)

On the 21st April the team left the relative luxury of Base Camp and began the long trek up to intermediate camp. Once there it was not long before snow came down.

The following day (22nd April) they reached Advanced Base Camp. Here they struggled putting up their personal tents in the high wind. But with great teamwork the job was eventually done despite everyone gasping for breath.

The next day (23rd April) was a rest day that was spent inside their tents due to the continuing high winds.

On the 24th April they had a walk up to the base of the North Col. It was another windy day, some of the team headed back to their tents at ABC while the others tried out the newly fixed ropes.

On returning to ABC their Sherpas had been busy putting up the mess tent. Inside the team made the most of the 2 gas heaters and hot drinks.

Today (25th April) is a rest day before heading up to the North Col tomorrow (26th April).

Alpenglow Expeditions(North Side)

Adrian reports of a windy Base Camp today.

Summit Climb (South Side)

The team members are still in Camp 1. There had been a serac collapse in the Khumbu icefall although it is now said to have been repaired.