Dispatches 1

As always, once the first British team has arrived at Mount Everest Base Camp I start my daily dispatches so you can follow the teams to the top of the world and back down.

Please note that my dispatches are only for the British Expeditions.

Jagged Globe

Sunday the 10th April saw the team arrive into Base Camp, which will be their home for the next six weeks.

Like most teams, there camp site consist of a large Mess tent, Shower tent, Toilet tent, Communications tent, Cooking tent and for every member a 3 man tent. These were put up in advance by their Sherpas and staff.

Jagged Globe mention that Base Camp is quiet at present and that other teams tents are further up the glacier as a result of last year’s avalanche.

Altitude Junkies

The Altitude Junkies team arrived into Mount Everest Base Camp yesterday, the 10th April.

Over the next few days the team will settle in to their new home and take short walks around Base Camp. There Puja Ceremony is scheduled for the 14April, then after a few days rest they will take their first venture into the Khumbu Ice fall.


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