Deceased List

A complete list of all the British climbers who had sadly died while climbing on Mount Everest.

George Mallory 37 – 8th June 1924 – North East Ridge – Fall
George Mallory had fallen from the North-East Ridge down to 26,760 ft (8,157 m) on the North Face. His body was found in 1999.

Andrew Irvine 22 – 8th June 1924 – North East Ridge – Unknown
Andrew Irvine was on the North East Ridge with George Mallory. Because the body of Irvine has never been found no one knows what had happened to him.

Maurice Wilson 36 – ? June 1934 – East Rongbuk Glacier – Exhaustion
Maurice Wilson probably died of exhaustion in his tent on an unknown date on the East Rongbuk Glacier. A year later in 1935 his body was found at the foot of the North Col by a British expedition. It was said he was lying in the snow and surrounded by the remains of a tent which had been torn apart by the weather. They buried his body in a nearby crevasse.

Mick Burke 34 – 26th September 1975 – Near Summit – Disappeared
Mick Burke was a member of the second summit team to climb the South West Face. He was last seen alive “heading upwards, a few hundred metres from the summit”. After this sighting the weather deteriorated and within a couple of hours storms had set in, these lasted for two days. His team mates were themselves marooned in the top camp until the storms passed, with no hope of making a rescue. His body has never be found.

Terry Thompson39 – 10th April 1976 – Western Cwm – Fall into Crevasse
Terry Thompson accidentally strayed on to a con­cealed crevasse that divided Advance Base into two areas and fell to his death.

Peter Boardman 31 – 17th May 1982 – North East Ridge – Exhaustion
On the 17th May Peter Boardman and Joe Tasker had been climbing for 14 hours when they were last seen at the foot of the Second Pinnacle. It is thought that Peter Boardman had died from exhaustion. In 1992 the body of Peter Boardman was found resting in a sitting position just past the second pinnacle at approximately 8,200m on the Rongbuk side of the ridge.

Joe Tasker 34 – 17th May 1982 – North East Ridge – Disappeared
On the 17th May Joe Tasker and Peter Boardman had been climbing for 14 hours when they were last seen at the foot of the Second Pinnacle. The body of Joe Tasker has never been found.

Tony Swierzy 27 – 3rd April 1984 – North Face – Avalanche
Tony Swierzy was hit and killed in an avalance on the North Face at 6238m.

Bruce Herrod 37 – 25th May 1996 – Hillary Step – Fall
Bruce Herrod arrived at the summit very late in the day after a 17 hour climb. On his descent he was declard as ‘missing’. A year later his body was found at the foot of the Hillary Step. While descending the Hillary Step it is thought that he got his foot caught on an old rope and that the weight of his rucksack dragged him backwards so that he hit his head on a rock. His body was released and left to fall over the side.

Malcolm Duff 43 – 23rd April 1997 – Base Camp – Heart Attack
Malcolm Duff was at Base Camp prepairing his team to climb Mount Everest. While in his tent he suffered a heart attack and died in his sleep.

Mark Jennings 49 – 25th May 1998 – North East Ridge – Exhaustion
No reliable information found

Michael Matthews 22 – 13th May 1999 – South East Ridge – Disappeared
Michael Matthews disappeared while fighting his way down from the summit in a gale. Some think he probably became disoriented and stepped through a cornice or was blown from the ridge. His body has never been found.

Peter Legate 38 – 30th April 2002 – South East Ridge – Fall
Peter Legate was on the fixed ropes below Camp 3 on the Lhotse Face when he suddenly lost his footing and fell 600 feet down into a crevasse. His body was found but it was impossible to recover.

Robert Milne 48 – 5th June 2005 – South East Ridge – Heart Attack
Robert Milne was at around 8300m on the South East Ridge with Mike Davey and Pasang Dawa Sherpa when he possibly had an heart attack.

David Sharp 34 – 15th May 2006 – North East Ridge – Exhaustion
It is thought the David Sharp to had reached the summit on the 14th May and died on descent from exhaustion. His body was seen in the sitting position with his arms clasped around his legs in the small cave next to the body of ‘Green Boots’. David’s body was removed from the cave in 2007.

Peter Kinloch 28 – 26th May 2010 – 8600m – Snow Blindness
Descending from the summit Peter Kinlock went blind and started to stumble and slip. Peter Kinloch was helped down the mountain and given drugs and oxygen. Buy this time his rescuers were now dangerously close to needing rescue themselves, and had to abandon him. His body is still in the ‘death zone’ on Everest.

John Delaney 42 – 20th May 2011 – Third Step – Collasped
It is understood that John Delaney collapsed somewhere near the Third Step. Having got into difficulty, the Sherpas helped John Delaney down the mountain but attempts to resuscitate him failed. This was his second attempt on Everest after failing five years before.