Big Cats at Mount Everest Base Camp

Gareth James Legg and his team have returned from a successful expedition to the Everest Base Camp.

According to SA People, Legg, Tracey Bruton, and Timothy Jansen Van Vuuren who are all qualified safari guides embarked on a journey to the Everest Base Camp to create awareness and raise funds for the world’s big cats and the environment.

Big Cats at Mount Everest Base Camp


For the team, Everest was a fitting challenge due to the area being home to large cat species such as the snow leopard.

The three of them dressed as mascots – a lion, tiger and leopard – started their journey in Nepal, with the team trekking to Everest Base Camp over 14 days.

Legg, founder of Trek for Big Cats, is saddened by the thought that future generations might not be able to enjoy seeing big cats alive in the wild if people don’t work at it to save them.

According to the Trek for Big Cats website it has been a lifelong dream for him to be able to create awareness and funding to ensure that these regal cats remain extant for generations to enjoy.

In 2019, the team will head to Tanzania for a 7 day trek to attempt the summit Mount Kilimanjaro – the highest free-standing mountain in Africa. This summit represents the iconic African lion and leopard.

Source: The South African