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Everest now College

Ngim Chhamji Sherpa is not your typical Southern Utah college student. Sherpa, who hails from Nepal, is one of 36 Nepalese students who have enrolled at Southern Utah University. However, Sherpa possesses a unique distinction from her fellow students: She…
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Mallory’s Boots

At 12:50 p.m., on June 8, 1924, a geologist named Noel Odell observed two “black dots” approaching the 29,029-foot summit of Mt. Everest, from a vantage point 3,000 feet below. By 2 p.m., the mountain was immersed in an intense snow…
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Permit Extension

Mountaineers who had abandoned expeditions in the last spring season following the devastating April earthquake are set to get their climbing permits extended for two more years, according to a high-level official at the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil…
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