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Welcome to Mount Everest The British Story!

My name is Colin Wallace and I live in the Westcountry area of England, United Kingdom. I have had a great interest and passion for Mount Everest for many years. Why my passion for Mount Everest? Well, for me it all started in 1996 when I saw a BBC News report on the storm that hit Mount Everest. For some reason, I wanted to read and learn everything I could about Mount Everest, especially about the British Expeditions past and present.

The aim of my website, ‘Mount Everest The British Story’ (which I started in early 2007) is to keep you up to date with all information and news regarding the British on Mount Everest. Sometimes I get the odd email asking if I would sponsor an expedition heading for Mount Everest, I am sorry to say but I do not offer any sponsorship money. This website is just a hobby for me and I sadly do not have any funds to help expeditions out, if I did, I would be going there myself!

Through this website I have made many friends from all over the world who share the same interest. These include many mountaineers, some who dream of climbing Mount Everest one day and others who have reached the top of the world.

I also collect first edition books that relates to Mount Everest and its climbers . Many of my books have been signed by the author/climber, I have signed books from Reinhold Messner, Chris Bonington, Stephen Venables, Conrad Anker, Rebecca Stephens, Peter Habeler and many many more!

I have three videos showing some of my signed first edition books on YouTube.

You can view them at:

Mount Everest Books 1

Mount Everest Books 2

Mount Everest Books 3

Mount Everest Books 4

I am more than happy to answer any queries you may have about this website or just a general chat about all things related to Mount Everest and its climbers.

I can be contacted via our Contact Form.

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