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Mount Everest the highest mountain in the world has captivated British mountaineers for decades. Why? As George Mallory had once said "Because it is there". It is the ultimate symbol of human endeavour where many mountaineers have gone to fulfil their dreams, resulting in triumph and tragedy.

On Mount Everest The British Story you can learn about the past and present British expeditions from our detailed Mount Everest History pages. Read the weird and wonderful Mount Everest Facts or take a look at our exclusive interviews. Learn about what may have happen to Mallory and Irvine by researcher Phil Summers. Get motivated by the complete up to date Summiteers List and keep up to date with Mount Everest News from around the world.

Mount Everest South Face   Mount Everest North Face   Hillary Step (C) Doug Scott Mountaineering

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Latest Updates

27th April

Mount Everest Dispatches

The British Mount Everest Dispatches have been updated.

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26th April

Everest Avalanche *UPDATE*

22 deaths and many injured on Mount Everest.

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24th April

Chef pulls out of Highest Dinner

A Chef has pulled out of a record breaking High Dinner on Everest due to getting HAPE .

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